About Us


Our Mission is to continue to provide affordable, high quality child enrichment for preschool children in a supportive and nurturing environment.


We believe that a safe, nurturing environment allows children to explore and grow. We do this through hands-on practical learning experiences, which encourages independence and a strong self-esteem. We work on writing, recognition and citation of the alphabet and their name throughout the school year as well as recognition of numbers, colours and shapes. Developing a strong pincer grasp and proper cutting technique are other examples of skills that we focus on. We believe these are necessary skills that children need in order to have a successful transition into secondary school.

  • Going on community Field Trips
  • Bringing professionals into the classroom such as a Firefighter, Police Officer, Dental Assistant and Yoga instructor
  • Celebrating special occasions with the students and their families for example, a special performance and party at Christmas, a Mother’s Day Tea and end of year Graduation Celebration.
  • Memory Books are given to each child at the end of the year with special craft pages, pictures and surprises to remember their special time at Fuzzy Pickles!
  • Professional class and individual photos are taken in the classroom in the fall and in the spring for those Graduating.


Fuzzy Pickles has been a very visible part of Airdrie for over 35 years and not only does it offer quality programming at an affordable price, it continues to be an active supporter in the community where we live and work. In the past, our preschool has given back through donating resource to various charities, including The Airdrie Food Bank and Lioness Adopt-A-Family.  We also partner with other Airdrie not-for-profit organizations to provide space for them to run their community programs!


At Fuzzy Pickles Preschool our wonderful Teachers provide days packed full of fun activities which promote the social and academic development of children. Whether your child is a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner, our activities will engage and inspire!

Ms. R (Richelle Rothecker)

Director / Teacher

Ms. R is a professional in the Child Care industry with 28 years of experience and holds a Child Development Supervisor certification from MRU.  Ms. R has been a Teacher at Fuzzy Pickles for going on 10 years but has been part of the broader family for over to 16 years, as her daughter attended Fuzzy Pickles, where at that time she volunteered on the board and in the classroom. Ms. R has two children, a son and a daughter, and raising her family, and being involved in their sports and schooling in Airdrie over the years has been her passion and focus. When Ms. R is not at school helping to shape the little minds of preschoolers, you will find her supporting the Airdrie community as a skating coach for the last 20 years.

“Teaching 3 to 5-year-old children is extremely fulfilling! I feel so lucky to be part of their growth, both mentally and emotionally, watching them accomplish new things, connect with others and getting them ready to move on Kindergarten is a very rewarding experience!”

Ms. M (Michelle Demers)

Assistant Teacher

Ms. M is a professional in the Child Care industry with 15 years of experience and holds a Child Development Assistant certification. Ms. M has been a teacher with Fuzzy Pickles for going on 9 years and has lived in Airdrie for 17 years. Ms. M has a son and has a soft spot for animals, especially her dog Koda.

“I love that each child is different and seeing their reactions as they meet developmental milestones is so rewarding. Building a rapport with each child and their parents is what I love most about teaching preschool!”

Fuzzy Pickles Preschool In Airdrie, Alberta